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Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Continuing Education

$95.00 – 12 Credit Hour Renewal Package WDCCE12A (WDCCE200, 205, 207 )

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$30.00 – 4 Credit Hour Storm Water Management WDCCE207

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$15.00 – 2 Credit Hour Comm 22: Energy Conservation WDCCE206

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$30.00 – 4 Credit Hour Wisconsin Taxes WDCCE205

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$7.50 – 1 Credit Hour  “Right to Cure” Law WDCCE204

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$22.50 – 3 Credit Hour OSHA WDCCE203

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$15.00 – 2 Credit Hour Environmental Concerns WDCCE202

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$15.00 – 2 Credit Hour License Requirements WDCCE201

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$30.00 – 4 Credit Hour Erosion and Sediment Control WDCCE200

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  • Instant access
  • No timer required
  • Only 10 questions per hour
  • AYOP 24/7 – At Your Own Pace 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You have 120 days to finish the course.
  • Certificate available immediately upon completion
  • All reading material included with the course
  • Approved by the Wisconsin DSPS
  • Continuing education is due 60 days before your license renewal




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Free Multi-State Submissions

Take one course and have it submitted to all of the states you are licensed in. We do not charge an extra fee for additional states. Contact us before you enroll and we can help you find the best course which will cover the most states. Note: Although we do not charge extra you will be responsible for Board submission fees for additional states (if applicable).

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