CAKE262 2017 NEC Changes 8 Hour

CAKE262 2017 NEC Changes 8 Hour




Instant access No timer Fully narrated – sit back and relax while our system reads your course to you AYOP 24/7 – At Your Own Pace 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Certificate available immediately upon completion The Alaska Board does not have a process in place for us to submit your completion – please submit your certificate to the Board when renewing You have 365 days to access the course or up to the date upon which our course approval expires, whichever comes first All reading material included with the course 2017 NEC book not required Study your materials @ home to prep you for learning about the NEC changes Licensed in multiple states? Free Multi-State course completion submission – contact us to learn how the process works COURSE EXPIRES December 31, 2019 Approved by the Alaska Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing Alaska Electrical CE is due every 2 years based on your license renewal date Electrical Administrators need 8 credit hours Electrical Journeymen need 16 credit hours with a minimum of 8 hours in NEC Code Updates